Innovation Forum in Argentina

iN4iN shared innovation promotion approach on international conference

The Innovation Forum in Argentina is an event were German and Argentinian specialists, from both the public and private sectors, speaking at the AHK about the importance of new trends in micro and macro economics. An event to discuss and understand the needs and possibilities of innovation in a country that is overcoming enormous economic problems.

We had the honour to take part in the discussion regarding innovation and explain our approach as University. We share the discussion with: The Director of the Argentinian National Bank, the Executive Director representing Bavaria in South America, and the Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development in Mendoza.

The take away message at the end of our discussion table with specialists in the field of innovation were in line with the issues explained by the Minister of Social Development:

  • “If we want education to become the innovation engine of our society, we need teachers…to be the most innovative people of all —because they need to train innovators.”

  • “We need to use the strength of innovation within the classroom, within the school, to make kids—especially kids—lose that fear of change—because when they own the change, they’re part of the change.”

  • “We [must] build a system where there is no fear of change because there’s no fear of failure, because failure is not condemned. Failure is part of the innovation process and is incentivized. Failing is okay as long as you keep on trying.”

iN4iN is now focusing on assisting Universities in Argentina to overcome their fear and increase their knowledge of innovation in a more practical way.