2013: iN4iN Africa Network Symposium in Leipzig (Germany)

Our overall goal is to expand the activities of the in4in-network in the African continent. Therefore all African partner universities will be integrated in our in4in-network. This network was developed in order to provide a continuous platform for exchange and learning in the field of innovation and technology transfer. Our main focus here is to support especially the south-south transfer of knowledge. All partner universities agree that specific entrepreneurship support services especially for students as well as research staff members at universities will guarantee an accelerated transfer of scientific knowledge into economic value (results of the SEPT Alumni seminar 2010, Adama University). These services should normally implemented by a central unit of the university, e.g. entrepreneurship support center. This symposium aims to improve our concepts of entrepreneurship promotion to offer appropriate support services and to establish the necessary infrastructural and human resources for a successful development of our entrepreneurship support centers. Besides this conceptual discussion a critical reflection of business models in developing countries will play an important part of this symposium.

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Presentations: iN4iN Africa Symposium in Leipzig