Knowledge Transfer

Consultancy on Facilitating Knowledge Transfer

iN4iN supports universities, private and public institutions to develop as well as to strengthen the capacities of business incubators, innovation centers, technology transfer offices and clusters. We support different UBL initiatives, from practical student projects to training and consulting services up to universities spin-off support.

We have the advantage of being directly involved in the processes of innovation and knowledge transfer at the University of Leipzig and managing them ourselves.

Why is iN4iN the best candidate for promoting Knowledge Transfer?

iN4iN, as part of the SEPT Program, is a living example of bridging university knowledge to the business sector. In the course of our MBA curriculum, we guide our students to conduct practical researches in collaboration with partner SMEs. Quite often, business ideas emerge out of these researches with the partner SMEs.

Additionally, we support practical oriented researches through our SMILE Initiative. We help researchers and students finding the right partner from the respective industry and developing a solid business model in order to bring the idea to the market.

We have experience implementing projects focusing on:

  • Concept development for promoting Entrepreneurship Initiatives

    Through our own experience with implementing the SMILE Initiative, we transfer this concept from the city of Leipzig to the whole world after adapting it together with our cooperation partners according to the local conditions. For more Information, please refer to our brochure:

  • Promotion and development of University-Business Linkages (UBL)

    In order to assure the applicability of the produced knowledge at educational institutes and to facilitate the ideas transfer from these institutes to the respective industry on the one hand (Knowledge Offer), and for the sake of transmitting the needs of the industries of required technologies and researches (Knowledge demand), there is a need of a functioning bridging mechanism between both sides.
    This requires a holistic approach which addresses all the stakeholders in the process. iN4iN has already implemented similar approaches in previous projects and can share this concept, after adapting it to the local conditions of the target market.
    As an example, please check one of our projects in Sri Lanka.

  • Strategy and service portfolio development for Innovation and Technology Transfer Centers

    Especially in development countries, there is a lack of initiatives managing the process of transferring technologies from the position of surplus to the position of shortage. iN4iN offers a service portfolio for the conceptualization and establishment of such centers. As enlightenment, please check our publication Development of Technology Transfer Structures.