African Centre for Career Enhancement & Skills Support (ACCESS)

Within the next five years (2020-2024) the University of Leipzig and its African partner universities will tackle the rising unemployment rates in Africa.

We are proud to announce that “The African Centre for Career Enhancement & Skills Support” (ACCESS) project has started. The five year project is funded by the DAAD in the program “University Excellence in Development Cooperation (exceed)”. ACCESS aims to address the paradox of a growing and improved formal education system in Africa which does not improve access to the labour market, but rather contributes to increasing unemployment rates among university graduates. Within the framework of ACCESS, new interdisciplinary concepts will be developed and piloted to make a contribution to increase the employability of students and graduates from African universities. The University of Leipzig will lead a consortium of six African partner universities from Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Tunisia to undertake the project.

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