MELBU – More Entrepreneurial Life at Bangladeshi Universities


The project puts emphasis on sustainability in entrepreneurship promotion in Khulna district. Overall goal of is to promote the culture of entrepreneurship at selected Bangladeshi Universities in order to provide students with proper skills and knowledge to prepare them for starting their own business as one of possible career paths as well as introduce entrepreneurial skills as a personal qualification.

What we do

MELBU project partners will also establish support structures at each Bangladeshi partner Universities in form of Entrepreneurship Courses, Entrepreneurship Centers and a regional Entrepreneurship promotion network to supply young entrepreneurs with valuable network contacts on a national and international level. It is also planned to develop a Crowdsourcing platform as an important tool for start-ups in a variety of areas.


1. Entrepreneurship course development

The MELBU entrepreneurial competencies building course shapes hard business skills such as recognizing the market, preparing a business plan, attracting investors or protecting intellectual property. At the same time, the course focuses on soft skills necessary for every entrepreneurial graduate, namely: cooperation in multi-disciplinary teams, leadership, product design and services based on customer strategy development.

2. Entrepreneurship Center development

MELBU project partners will establish support structures at each Bangladeshi partner University in form of Entrepreneurship Centers.  The centers are first contact point for students interested in developing their business ideas or create a start-up at the university. Students will receive training and coaching by experienced academic staff in order to transform ideas to products and services and finally make them market ready.

3. Entrepreneurship Network development

The MELBU Entrepreneurship promotion network of HEIs in Khulna district will promote Entrepreneurship topics and raise awareness for entrepreneurship content in the whole district. Moreover, the network aims to supply young entrepreneurs with valuable network contacts on a national and international level.

4. Crowdsourcing Platform development

Crowdsourcing has become an important tool for start-ups in a variety of areas. The MELBU Crowdsourcing platform will give young entrepreneurs and start-up teams access to specific resources as small infrastructure, business services (legal advisor, tax advisor, financial services, etc.), business angels and mentors, potential co-founders and much more in Khulna district.


Upcoming Events and News

Kick-Off in Khulna

Due to the world-wide situation surrounding COVID-19 we needed to cancel all planned Kick-off Events in Khulna. But nevertheless, we will arrange an E-Kick-off with our partners. Also, we will provide students with information through our upcoming MELBU Homepage which is currently under development.

First Project Meeting in Stettin

The Maritime University of Szczecin will host the first Entrepreneurial Capacity Building Course Workshop. Mutually, the project members will exchange best practice examples and experiences in order to design tailor-made outlines for up-coming course design.   

Summer School Leipzig

The first MELBU Summer School will take place in the City of Leipzig.

International MELBU partners:

Maritime University of Szczecin, Khulna University, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Jessore University of Science and Technology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, North Western University, Northern University of Business and Technology Khulna.