Entrepreneurship Promotion

From idea to acceleration: transferring your entrepreneurship promotion concept

We offer entrepreneurs and academic institutions worldwide, a transfer of our entrepreneurship promotion concept in cooperation with the Self Management Initiative Leipzig (SMILE), a well-known regional project that supports entrepreneurship and start-ups in Leipzig. SMILE has a vast experience in the supervision and coaching of start-ups and spin-off companies as well as in the training of soft skills and management competencies.

SMILE founders have won several business plan competitions. Every semester around 500 participants take part in the program, and as a direct result, almost 400 businesses have been founded. For more information, visit Smile.

Together with SMILE, we work closely with cross-sector partners throughout Saxony and Germany, to help young entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing companies succeed inside a local and international setting.

We guide you through the initial step of idea generation, and move forward to the corresponding prototyping and business model development, together with its corresponding review, incubation, and creation, before leading to the best part: acceleration.