Huge participation in our ACCESS Kick-off event

We are grateful for the huge participation in our ACCESS Kick-off event. The Public Day was followed by more than 140 people simultaneously all over the world, in total we had more than 700 jumped in at one point of the broadcast.

The two following days envisaged practical and administrative workshops with concerns customized just for the ACCESS team. During the first day, the entire team was introduced and got the chance to become better acquainted, through presentations not only about the different universities and their specific teams, but also about each pillar/work groups. Both of which compose the framework of the project. The ACCESS team finalized their vision, the challenges and working methods for this intercultural setting, where most of the work is done online.

The second workshop day was meant to give an understanding of the project architecture related to funding and reporting processes.

We are happy for all the positive responses during and after our Kick-off Event. Thank you all for your active contribution. For further information just visit our website

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