Innovation Management

We enhance your innovation management capabilities

Innovation has become a trending topic in business management, due to its vital role in creating a competitive advantage for organizations, institutions, and professionals. Although the concept of innovation is usually affiliated to terms like idea and invention, few know how to systematically promote and introduce new ideas than can be transformed into beneficial products and/or services. At iN4iN, we know that in order to truly create value, the innovation process must be able to strategically respond to both internal and external opportunities, inside a market-driven management framework.

Based on our extensive international experience, we have developed a strategic approach for our customers to acquire the necessary set of skills and instruments to properly manage the innovation process inside their organization, institution, or practice.

We guide you through the initial step of understanding the current business model/idea, and navigate towards the analysis of customer needs, opportunities, competitors, and creative potential, with the final purpose of co-creating a tailor-made innovation plan.