Innovation Research

Furtherly exploring the dimensions of innovation and its dynamics

Innovation acts as the driver of growth for economies at a macro-level, and for an organization at a micro-level. As part of the International SEPT Program from the University of Leipzig, we offer solutions based on academic knowledge and practical international experience:

We explore the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and knowledge transfer across different organizational, institutional, and cultural contexts. Some of our main research objectives entail:

  • Understanding why and how entrepreneurial ecosystems produce a difference in entrepreneurial outputs in heterogeneous contexts.
  • Examining how entrepreneurs adjust in between different entrepreneurial ecosystem in the case of practicing international entrepreneurship.
  • Investigating how the minority entrepreneurs (diaspora, ethnic groups, and migrants) assess and adjust to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in their host economies.
  • Reviewing the performance of innovation service providers.
  • Analyzing the interaction (linkages) within and between innovation systems.
  • Analyzing key factors influencing the absorptive capacity of innovation systems in developing countries.
  • Analysis of the downgrading impact on the emergence of alternative innovation paths, e.g. frugal innovation.

We apply quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods, for the thorough analysis of real-world challenges through a multi-method approach that examines the differential effects (or lack thereof) caused by method-specific variance. In this sense, we are able to combine theoretical knowledge with practice-relevant experience, in order to provide pragmatic solutions to our partners and clients.